About Membership

About Membership

UPDATE: Membership is now open at all levels - free preview, $6/monthly, $60/annual. Click to sign up.

The Solo Admin will have a members-only area launching very soon. In the membership section you will find long-form articles about network design and troubleshooting, server build and maintenance, backups, disaster recovery, security, and more - all from the standpoint of the solo IT pro on a budget. The content will be divided into sections with topics that build on each other - similar to an online or college course. In addition to the articles, I will also be offering live and interactive video sessions where members are able to ask questions as we walk through various topics - building servers, installing and configuring services, troubleshooting, etc. Members will also have access to a members-only Git repository containing templates, source code, and more, related to the topics we cover. My goal is to teach others how to design, build, and maintain a small network with all the capabilities of a large enterprise.

The first section will be "Network Design - From the Ground Up" with the following topics:

  • Designing the Network

    • Designing Your IP Address Scheme
    • Selecting Network Hardware
    • Securing the Network
    • Foundational Structure - VLAN's, Subnetting, etc.
  • Laying the Foundation

    • Basic Datacenter Layout
    • Setting Up Network Hardware - Switches, Routers, Firewalls
    • Implementing Multiple Physical Sites - VPN's and Routing
    • Network Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Designing and Building Servers

    • Server Hardware Selection
    • Server Builds - Virtual and Bare Metal
    • Implementing Services - DHCP, DNS, etc.
    • Implementing Backups and Basic Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Developing a Maintenance Plan
    • Implementing Server and Network Monitoring
  • Finishing the Build

    • Securing Active Directory via Group Policy
    • Implementing Office 365
    • Creating and Securing User Accounts

Finally, as a member, you will have a voice in the direction and the creative process of the blog. You can contact me any time via email - matt@thesoloadmin.com - to provide feedback, request new topics, or ask questions about existing topics. My ultimate goal is to work together with the members to grow the content based on their feedback to provide real value.

If you're interested in becoming a member, click here to sign up.